Meet Marcela, Founder of Bravo Dulce de Leche – from Chile ????????

Did you know that you can now get the best authentic dulce de leche in Sydney?! ????????
Marcela Baeza – one of our #AElegends – brings Latin America’s favourite sweet treat to Australia with Bravo Dulce de Leche.
Have it for breakfast for your pancakes or waffles, use it as a main ingredient for baking cakes, pies and pastries,
or partner it with banana, meringue, or even ice cream!
We interviewed her about her entrepreneurial journey, read about Marcela’s incredible story below! ????

AE: Tell us about Bravo Dulce de Leche ????

Marcela: The idea of Bravo Dulce de Leche is to make all South American people feel closer to their roots ???????? – and what a better way to do it than with food! ????

AE: What is the #problem you are aiming to solve?????

M: When I just got to Australia, I realised that the Australian market does not have too many South American food product so I used to cook with my friends all the dishes that we missed when we were homesick. ????????

AE: What is your inspiration for founding Bravo Dulce de Leche? 

M: One of the things that I love the most is cooking ????????‍????, and getting to share it with the people that I care about is special to me. With Bravo – I am not just selling Dulce de Leche – I am also helping people to feel connected with their roots, families and habits.

AE: What is your biggest challenge in opening a business? ????
M: My biggest challenge is to never give up, especially if my plans don’t work out the way I wanted them to be in the first place.
AE: Have you always known that you were gonna be an entrepreneur?

M: I always wanted to be one. Even back then when I was working for a company, I have always thought that is important to have a side business.

AE: What were the key factors & activities that were vital to launching your business? ????

M: One of the key factors was to find the perfect recipe. I didn’t count how many times I made a modification in the recipe, but with trial and error, I got the flavour and consistency that I wanted.

AE: Why Sydney / Australia? ????????

M: I came to Sydney, Australia to improve my English. On my journey I met my boyfriend Tim who I have shared 3 beautiful years with.

AE: How did Academy of Entrepreneurs help you in your journey? ????

M: The Academy of Entrepreneur helps me every day to keep me focused in my business. My favourite activity of the Academy is the Golden Circle because it motivates me to keep my track and gives me direction.

AE: What are your next Top 3 Goals? ????
First: To get the permission of the Food Authority
Second: To have the packaging
& Third: Start selling in the markets
AE: What is your advice to the next #AElegends? What would you tell anyone who is planning to be an entrepreneur? ????
M: That they have to keep focused. Studying and working at the same time can be very difficult but having the right attitude and going to the activities like the golden circle or booking mentoring session would make it much easier.

Massive thank you to Marcela –
for sharing your personal journey with us.
Stay tuned to meet the other legends of Academy of Entrepreneurs! ???? If you would like to buy her dulce de leche (promise, you won’t regret it!) just head over at:

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Gab & the Academy of Entrepreneurs Team

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