March 30, 2022 | Academy of Entrepreneurs

Permanent Residency Pathway for Short Term list Professions

Permanent Residency Pathway for Short Term list Professions

The Minister of Immigration announced last week that there will be some positive changes coming for temporary skilled workers looking for a pathway to permanent residency.

These changes will benefit skilled workers who remained here during the pandemic and encourage them to stay in Australia permanently.

“Eligible skilled workers, already in Australia, will continue to support local businesses facing critical shortages, particularly in health, hospitality and our regions,” Minister Hawke said.

These visa changes will improve access to permanent residence for:

  • Existing 482 visa holders (Temporary Skill Shortage) in the short-term stream
  • Legacy 457 visa holders (Temporary Work Skilled) who no longer meet the age requirement.

Under these new arrangements, existing 482 and 457 visa holders granted in ‘Short–term’ occupations, who have remained in Australia during the pandemic, may be eligible to apply for the 186 ENS Permanent Visa. This will extend to legacy subclass 457 visa holders who no longer meet the maximum age limit of 45 years.

“This is a special concession recognising those highly skilled migrant workers who chose to stay in Australia throughout the pandemic, while continuing to address Australia’s acute shortages. This allows them to stay here, with a pathway to Australian citizenship,” Minister Hawke said and added:  “There are currently about 20,000 primary Temporary Skill Shortage and 457 visa holders in Australia who may benefit from these arrangements. Most of these workers are employed in the highest-skilled occupations and the largest cohorts of workers benefiting from these changes include those currently employed in the health and hospitality industries, including many workers in regional Australia,”

When will these changes come into effect?

At this stage, there has been no indication as to when these arrangements will commence or whether all occupations will be included.

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