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Paula Mills

Confident and authentic edu-entrepreneur that connects and creates transformation

Paula engages, educates and empowers the audience to think disruptively, in a way that they can turn problems into business opportunities that creates social impact.

Paula speaks genuinely of her true calling—to change the world and make it a better place for all communities. But this ideology of hers wasn’t just born overnight, it’s an accumulation of great years of experience working with globally recognised brands and talking to thousands of people from different walks of life that pivoted the way of building her own empire that is now known as Academy of Entrepreneurs.

She started her first social enterprise project when she was 9 and since then, she has been "playing" with social entrepreneurship every day.

Focus on purpose above it all

Paula is a true example of a millennial; that focuses on purpose above it all, having set up schools, orphanages and social projects across Latin America, Africa, Australia and South-East Asia.

"Our mission is to accelerate Social Impact. We shape students to become leaders that solve world problems." - Paula Mills

After a decade of working in the Education industry, she found a gap between education and the growing start-up ecosystem, so Paula partnered with 16,000+ global entrepreneurs from over 50 nationalities and every industry and founded the first Nationally Accredited incubator In the world: Academy of Entrepreneurs.

Paula Mills Academy of Entrepreneurs

Presentation with Prof Yunus (Noble Peace Prize)

Paula Mills Academy of Entrepreneurs

Presentation for chilean government

Paula Mills Academy of Entrepreneurs

Presentation at largest pitching competition of the Philipinnes

Paula Mills Academy of Entrepreneurs

Presentation at HSBC for Tax Institute

Since then, Paula and the Academy of Entrepreneurs has been disrupting the education industry by empowering students from 50+ nationalities with the entrepreneurial skills & network to set up, launch and scale businesses both in Australia and around the world.

Presented with/at

  • Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof Yunus
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HSBC
  • Huawei
  • United Nations

Presented for

  • Australian Government
  • Brazilian Government
  • Colombian Government
  • Chilean Government
  • French Government
  • Malaysian Government
  • Peru Government
  • Philippines Government


  • Business Excellence Award – ALABC, 2019
  • 2nd place Business of the Year – AUBRBC, 2018
  • Finalist on 100 Women of Influence, 2018
  • Rotary Australian Award – 2011
  • Winner of the International Local Knowledge Expertise, Marriott 2009
  • Winner of the International Above & Beyond customer service recognition award, Marriott 2008
  • Silver Award Best RoadShow - Easter Show, 2007
Paula Mills Academy of Entrepreneurs

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