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Entrepreneurship Talks with Ush Dhanak

Today at Academy of Entrepreneurs, we’re sharing one of our #EntrepreneurshipTalks with DIRECTOR of Think and Grow Rich Institute Australia, Emotional Intelligence Coach & International Keynote Speaker – Ush Dhanak

Ush started her career as a lawyer in London, before moving to Sydney around 13 years ago. Ush left the corporate world, to make her passion project come to life, and begin her coaching career. Ush specialises in Emotional Intelligence and has clients across the globe. In 2018 Ush was named as a Top 100 Global Coach across entries from over 130 countries.

Let’s see Ush’s take on entrepreneurship! ????

Question # 1: Summarise your business in 1 sentence.
Making workplaces, businesses and people more emotionally intelligent.

Question # 2: What is your WHY for starting your business?
I always knew that there was something about having a higher EQ that made people stand out, even over those that had a higher IQ. Once I connected the dots, I wanted to share this with others and help them become more emotionally intelligent. I believe that developing EQ is the X Factor.

Question # 3:
What does a day in your life look like?

My morning starts off with meditation, then I am off on client site delivering HR consultancy or running group workshops on EQ. I have daily, private one on one coaching clients for EQ, where their boundaries are tested, they are pushed into their growth zone and they leave each session having increased their self awareness. I tend to finish the day off with some family time, gym time and a good book.

Question # 4: Why is emotional intelligence so important for entrepreneurs?
Having a higher EQ enables you to become more resilient – it changes your perception of failure and gets you to become more self aware. As entrepreneurs, we know that failure is inevitable. The question you need to ask yourself is how do you deal with the failure, do you take it personally? Do you dwell on it? Do you let it affect your next move? Or do you embrace it and look for the learning.

Question # 5: What are your top 3 FREE tips for entrepreneurs looking at boosting their emotional intelligence?

  • Ask for feedback so that you become more self aware. Get to know your blind spots and where you can improve, and at the same time, leverage your strengths. 
  • Respond rather than react. Increase your behavioural self control, work out what your triggers are, how to be aware of your emotions and what impact they have you on physically. 
  • Learn to remain creative, as an entrepreneur it’s normal to get creative blocks, which can then lead to procrastination.

Question # 6: What is your favourite emotional intelligence book?

Daniel Goleman is my go to! The godfather of EQ.

Thank you Ush, for your sharing your inspiring journey and messages to entrepreneurs!

We were honoured to have her at our #AETuesdayTalk last 11th March, where she shared the importance of Emotional Intelligence in our personal & professional lives to our legends. ✨

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