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BSBSLS501 Develop a sales plan

Within a safe and constructive environment, we’ll help you multiply those $100 by 4 times in 4 weeks!

Do you experience the #EntrepreneurFear? Well, fear no more! The $100 Challenge will help you get rid of the fear to start your business or a new product/service with just $100.


What you will learn:

By the end of this course, you will have had the opportunity to increase your initial capital by 400%!!!!

You’ll understand that entrepreneurship is about risk and reward, and you’ll have developed the ability to think of short term ventures to make money.

About the course:

  • Understand the easiest strategies to monetise
  • Free yourself from the ‘wannapreneur’ syndrome
  • Dip your toes into the pleasures of becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Become more resourceful in life and find alternative sources of income
  • Make money!

Who this course is for:

Aspiring entrepreneurs who have a willingness to learn and a desire to build a financially secure future.