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Pitch Deck & Investors

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Pitch Deck

How to create the perfect pitch deck to present to investors and clients.

This course is based on the best two Startup Investor Pitch Deck templates: the Y-Combinator & the famous Guy Kawasaki’s template.

What you will learn:

By the end of this course, you will have created an investor Pitch Deck, and will be ready to present in front of them.

In this program, you will develop the skills to compile a successful Deck for you to use to pitch your start-up to investors and incubators.

About the course:

  • Create a startup pitch deck like they do in San Francisco
  • Tweak your Business Model and Pitch Create an Investor Slide Deck
  • Learn how to summarise the most important information into brief and exciting points
  • Learn how to speak to investors and answer the main questions they ask every entrepreneur
  • Learn what investors are looking for in the deals they invest in
  • Learn how to avoid some of the main mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when creating and presenting a pitch deck for their start-up

Who this course is for:

Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Those interested in learning about how startup investors think and act.