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BSBFIN601 Manage organisational finances

Learn how to develop financial goals, set your budget, manage your money, choose sensible investments, and borrow responsibly.

Do you know your numbers? How much revenue are you generating? What is your profit margin, and do you know how to control your cash flow? What is the evaluation of your business?

Understanding your financial position is crucial to the success of your business, enabling you to make the right decisions. Sound financial analysis and planning will enable you to manage your revenue streams, controlling costs and investments to create value for your staff, investors and yourself.

In this program you will explore a series of captivating real-life cases and learn everything you need to know to lead your business to financial success.


About the course

Finance is one of the key ingredients for successful businesses. Many entrepreneurs, however, lack knowledge of finance. This course teaches basic financial knowledge needed in starting and operating businesses, from revenue models, budgeting and all the way to how to raise funds.

Classes: 100% Taught by Entrepreneurs
Duration: 3 weeks
Plus: 3hr of One-on-One Mentoring valued at $1,000