January 21, 2021

Paula Mills

Academy of Entrepreneurs empowers 100+ Filipino High School Students into Tourism Entrepreneurs to help rebuild the economy

We are excited to share that Adventist University of the Philippines engaged with the Academy of Entrepreneurs to empower it’s students with our 4 week Winning Pitch Program where we transformed the...

January 16, 2021

Paula Mills

Network – Network – Network

How one networking dinner changed Academy of Entrepreneurs’ future forever 78% Of Startups Say That Networking Is Vital To Their Entrepreneurial Success – Forbes   I’ve always absolutel...

January 6, 2021

Entrepreneurship in schools has the power to re-build & accelerate the economy

“Unemployment in Panama has grown by 25% and informal work has increased by 55% in 2020” – Forbes Centroamerica Inspired by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Yunus ‘we are not seekers, we...

December 28, 2020

Paula Mills and Nico Luciano

Biggest Lessons We Learned This Year!

OMG, What a year, right? Since Day 1 (when we started brainstorming in the living room of my tiny apartment) our culture at the Academy of Entrepreneurs has always been about Emotional Intelligence, P...