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An interview with our Registered Migration Agent on the 407 Training Visa

Thanks to all of your questions, we decided to interview our partner migration lawyer, Edward Miller, to find out a little bit more about him, and the ins and outs of the 407 from a legal professional! Here’s how it went!

Tell us about you! Why did you decide to become a migration agent?

I myself came to Australia many years ago as an immigrant, I couldn’t speak English very well and pursued a rocky pathway to permanent residency. I began as a Chef, working in the hospitality industry, I’ve always been passionate about cooking. However, after 6 years, I decided I wanted to broaden my horizons and began a law degree at Sydney University. I began working with criminal, family and migration law. I knew I wanted to take the next step to open my own migration business so that I could help more people gain access to reliable and accurate legal advice. There’s so much misinformation out there, and yet getting the right information is vital – I love what I do because I once was in my client’s shoes, and I know how utterly important it is to them. I’ve never looked back since.

Why do you think the 407 is a great option for Academy of Entrepreneurs graduates?

Yes, the 407 is a great opportunity for Academy of Entrepreneurs graduates because it allows them to gain up-to 2 years paid valuable work experience and get a taste of working life here in Australia.

Visa holders will also receive a Training certificate for the practical work experience they have completed, which gives them a great competitive advantage whether here in Australia or overseas.

Further, visa processing times are much quicker than most other visas, and it’s much less expensive too.

People always ask me if they can apply for another visa afterwards, and include their dependents, you absolutely can to both questions!

I know of someone who whilst on the training visa did IT courses, by the time his visa was up, he had opened up a new pathway for himself! Essentially it would offer extra time to seek further legal advice and evaluate your options whilst gaining valuable experience.

The government is always chasing the rules, so who knows, they might just make a change in your favor!

How does the 407 work?


1. Paid work-placed training – you must be paid in line with legal requirements, the pay is always negotiable between the trainee and the business; the average salary depends on the industry the training business operates and your affords
2. Practical work experience and competitive advantage in your industry
3. Few requirements to be eligible
4. Save money (when compared to studying at University)
5. Up to two years paid work-based training
6. Academy of Entrepreneurs’ partner network means finding the right employer is easier
7. Include dependents on application
8. Can apply for another visa afterwards


1. Doesn’t lead to Permanent Residency

What makes a strong application?

Meeting the basic requirements, is the first step. You need to have an approved sponsor, and our migration lawyer will be able to help your sponsor to get accredited for this visa.

Don’t leave this until last minute – be proactive! I know Academy of Entrepreneurs will also actively help you via their business partners and network with this but you have to be prepared to go the extra mile yourself. Most visas that bounce back mostly because of the business either inability to sponsor, training plan was not adequate, training position was not genuine.

That’s why it’s important choosing an honest, a trusted and quality lawyer that will be able you help with the entire process from business accreditation, training plan and your visa application… all the way to its approval.

Can you share a success story?

Yes! I successfully lodged 407 Training visa application all the time.

I recently did a person that was on a student visa studying an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality, and working part-time at a hotel. He wanted to continue working there and gain further practical experience here in Australia – he was approved for 2 years. This is just one of many recent success stories I’ve had. The 407 was never really that popular, or even known about, which is why I think there are less obstacles to a successful application.

Any last famous words of wisdom to our Academy of Entrepreneurs students?

I always tell my clients not to be afraid to invest money on professional advice, I’m not trying to promote myself, but tailored advice will save a lot of money and heartbreak further down the line.

There is so much misinformation and posts on social media from people speaking about their own personal experiences, which 99% of the time, will not be relevant to you.

Paying someone to assess you in line with the most recent immigration laws and come up with a structured plan will give you peace of mind.


This article was written and checked by our migration agent to ensure all the information given is correct as of July 31st 2020.

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