January 21, 2021 | Academy of Entrepreneurs

Academy of Entrepreneurs empowers 100+ Filipino High School Students into Tourism Entrepreneurs to help rebuild the economy

We are excited to share that Adventist University of the Philippines engaged with the Academy of Entrepreneurs to empower it’s students with our 4 week Winning Pitch Program where we transformed their students into legends that learned how to communicate, negotiate and pitch to win!

As we know pitching is an extremely vital and an in demand skill regardless of where we are and who we are, as one needs to effectively articulate ideas, engage with the audience and persuade them into getting on board with whatever you are trying to convey.

An important part of being an entrepreneur is pitching. There is no point of you having an amazing product/service, if  you don’t know how to pitch – and win the deal! Entrepreneurs must be prepared to give a pitch at any time, anywhere – including during an elevator ride. – Paula Mills 

In alignment with the Government’s Tourism campaign #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines, we decided to double the challenge and not only teach the AUP legends how to pitch, but they also had to identify an opportunity and market the Philippines to boost its tourism.

Tourism is one of the major drivers of the Philippines’ economic growth. In 2019 the tourism and travel space in the Philippines contributed 12.7% of the country’s GDP. This report is from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), and on the same report, it  showed that 14 out of 100 employed Filipinos were in tourism-related industries in 2019. This translates to about 350,000 additional tourism-related jobs.

We have seen Peru rebuilding its economy via the Tourism Campaigns. And we want to see the same in the Philippines.

“Once someone comes to the Philippines, it is impossible for them not to fall in love with the culture, art, music, food, communities, especially the hospitality of the locals  – and as a result want to come back and also consider investing in the countryPaula Mills

Over the period of 4 weeks, TEDx Trainer Lucas from the Academy of Entrepreneurs Team taught the AUP students Winning Pitch Techniques, including “What makes a great pitch, The Elevator Pitch, the Two sentence Pitch, Sales Pitch, The power of  Non-Verbal Communication, Silent Pitch and Storytelling”.

Congratulations Ykaterina Anyah winner of the 4 week Winning Pitch Course + Competition who pitched the idea of building the world’s first instagramable floating island, where 100% of the activities and scenery is made to be “Instagram Perfect” so that the tourist can photograph and promote the Philippines  – and make it go viral!

We can’t wait to welcome 120 new AUP students and transform them into Startup Pitch Gurus next week.

Thank you AUP for the global partnership 🙂

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Written by Paula Mills


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